No Savings Spots!!

There were only five open registers at Target tonight. I’m doing last minute shopping before I travel to Colfax, LA tomorrow for biznass.

Anyway, there were some heavy ass lines at each register tonight. I stepped in a line behind three people. The first two people had pretty busy shopping carts, but the guy in front of me didn’t have anything. Whatever. Maybe he just wanted gum?


All of a sudden this happened:


Mama and her little cub bounced in line with a cart full of groceries! Dafuq?!!

So rewd!

There were people behind me too! None of us said anything. We are all pussies. Instead, I just bitch here in my little blog.

Ya gotta choose your battles.

Another register popped up a few minutes later, and Papa Bear alerted me. He must’ve seen me glaring and rolling my eyes at them.


Mud Fest 2014

Time to get muddy.

Yup. I’ll be going to Mud Fest in Colfax, Louisiana this coming weekend. (I must say, I go on some of the most fascinating business trips.) I just purchased some new boots, and a pair of camouflage shorts.


I think I just need to bring my beads and find a confederate flag!!



I Have a Singing Easter Bunny