That “Annual” Doctor’s Visit for the Ladies: What About The Rear?


So, I went to a new gynecologist today. (New to me.) And I must say, I’m about to give her a five star rating on yelp. I found her on yelp anywayWell - she’s also in my very tiny, small, window of doctors my health insurance allows me to visit for my lady parts.

This lady was phenomenal!

She was polite, friendly, young-ish, and liked all of my jokes. She was also quick and gentle. And when you’ve got a female down there with a shiny metal phallic object with a microscope, yew want it over quickly.

Side bar: Don’t be fooled by the post card above. I did not get around to waxing for her. This was no “date night”. I could imagine she’s seen worse though. At least I’m sporting more “early 90′s”. Not like I’m in labor and giving full “80′s” over here.

Anyway, forget the vagina talk. I’m curious about the bum. You see, a couple of my lady friends tell me that their gynos give them anal pap smears. My gyno did not offer me an anal pap smear. My previous gyno did not either. Should I feel jipped?

As forward as I am, ya’d think I would not be so shy…and just ask for one. But…I am embarrassed! It took me years to just get over the fact that a person other then a romantic partner – let alone female doctor lacking in the personality department - would be so intimate with me. (At least this one has personality.) Of course asking someone to stick a cold, cylinder shlong up my butt is going to be a little frightening….or at least awkward. I don’t put many things up there. Like ever. 

Should I be asking my doctor for an anal check up?

…food for thought.

Maybe just a digit?

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This kid is going places; and may drink a lot while going to them.

I’m sending this around. I like it. I found it somewhere on Instagram.

Okay, back to burning my new birthday candles. (Thanks Slorey and Lew Frog.)

The condo smells like lavender, butterscotch, and cotton candy. I just want to eat the carpet! 🙊