My New Favorite.

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Don’t even read what I’m writing. Stop everything you’re doing and go to Mark Manson. (click that, ok?)

This guy really fucking speaks to me. I found one of his articles on a friend’s facebook status a couple of weeks back, and I’ve been reading him almost every day. I’ve shared him with a few friends and coworkers, and everyone kind of agrees with me. Whatever he’s writing, I’m reading.

He writes about relationships, bullshit, growing pains, happiness, finances, etc– this guy is brutally honest and such a great writer. I feel like he’s really speaking to me. This guy writes for everyone.

His articles are usually an 8-15 minute read. Every time I read something he writes, I feel a little bit wiser. Check him out.

Happy Wednesday.

Some of my favorite Manson articles…but I have like 10 more..  <— ha ha ha


LA Superior Court Tried to Get Me Again!!


Superior Court tried to get me for Jury Selection again, but I said “No way, bro!”

I already did my time this year!

In the state of California, you can’t be summoned to jury more than one time in one calendar year.

Well, I served in January, but I received a summons in July! That is six months…making it twice in one year. I made sure to mail my July summons to the court requesting to be excused (since I already served.) They did not receive my “returned” summons and supposedly sent me a new one. (I never got it!) So – I received another summons from the court requesting that I make an appearance for Jury selection today. “You have failed to appear for Jury Duty twice. If you do not appear in court at 7:45am on September 16th, 2014, you could face a fine or jail time.”

Really?? I tried to plea my case in the online jury “check in”, but they froze me out, saying I can’t make any requests. Ew! Rewd!

I arrived at 7:45AM this morning to plea my case, and they dismissed me with a pink slip and told me that the system is fucked up. All that drama for no reason.

Oh, good. Thank you Los Angeles.


If this happens again, I’m calling the police.

I Hope My Luck Turns Around


I didn’t win the power ball or California lottery this weekend. I really thought I might win. Such a let down.

But, I do have a quick pick for the Mega Millions ready for Tewsday.

Fingers crossed. Not wearing deodorant until Wednesday AM. Trying something new, because the “wearing old panties” trick didn’t work for the super and the power ball.