It’s Only 8:30pm


Why are yew so sleepy?

Someone got kicked out of the bar… Someone had a little too much Funday in his Sunday.

I’m definitely headed here!

Update: A few moments later security asked the man to leave. Unfortunately, the man’s weenie Richard was flopping out of his pants. (I can’t make this shit up.)

Anyway, I’m home now. I’m not done blogging, either. I’ve been home a total of 5 minutes and I already have something else to blog.

My cat got a little excited when I came home a few minutes ago and crapped a little too much in her litter box. (She shits when I come home.)

I leaned down to wipe her bum, and she squirmed. Because she squirmed, fell into the corner of a door. (I wiped that ass though.)

I already have a goose egg.

This makes for a good fucking story. “I was chasing around my cat after she took a shit, and fell into a fucking wall.”


It’s a good thing I have bangs.