Trader Joe’s Kitty Litter Is Not For Hewmans

I went to Trader Joe’s today to pick up some kitty litter, cat fewd, and tampons.

When I walked up to the register to pay for my organic purchases, the dorky cashier guy looked at me through his thick, magnified eye glasses and asked me for a little feedback on the litter.

I looked at him and said, “I yewse it every day.”

He just gave me a stewpid look, and smiled awkwardly.

Maybe I should think before I speak. I thought it was funny…

Anyway, my cat will be pretty happy to pop a squat in some fresh litter.

This is a pretty damn good brand of kitty litter. For $4.99, your cat’s caca poo will smell like a forrest. (If you leave it too long, it’ll smell like a hamster, but that still beats a fucking shit hole, right?)

Yew guys, I take great care of my kitty. Her box gets cleaned every day.

In other news, I think someone vomited into the large office trash can. ew.rewd.